DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: Tuff seal is a premium grade tow part polysulphate sealant has excellent weathering characteristics with resistance to rain, snow, heat, and ultraviolet light, it is quick covering with low shrinkage.

APPLICATION: Tuff seal sealants are used for the highest performance, in sealing expansion joints where large movement is anticipated in concrete construction and for joints between diverse construction materials like glass, aluminum, steel, cladding, glazing, tilling, tanks internal water retaining structures.

HOW TO USE: Clean surface of the joint with wire brush or cloth for all surfaces apply Dr.S.Bond Tuff Prime with brush insert a back up strip in the joint to the required depth by means of a T-shaped piece pour the mix A & B with a powered paddle till uniform closer is obtained, fill the gun, fill the joint by means of the special using uniform amount of force to till the joint evenly, tool the joint by means of a putty knife to remove air bubbles and to fill the joint fully


COVERAGE: Coverage will be depending on size of the joint weight in kg = 1.6 X W X D X L1000 Where W+D are width, depth in mm and L is length in meters Example: W (Width of the joint)= 10mm D (Depth of the joint) = 10mm L (Length of the joint) = 12.5 Weight = 1.6x10x10x12.5 1000 = 2.00 kg of Sealant

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