DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: DR. S.BOND COAT RC is ideal substitute for sand blasting which develop micro silica particles which are carcinogenic or acid pickling which is based on sulphuric acid which is a major hurdle in waste disposal. DR. S.BOND COAT RC is based on phosphate process where fine micro crystalline particles are coated over the steel which react and convert the rust instead of removing it which reduces the size of the steel and makes better base for further protective treatment like painting or epoxy coating. DR. S.BOND COAT RC is easy to apply by brush or cotton

APPLICATION: DR. S.BOND COAT RC is used in day to day process of steel protection before getting in to the final and finishing process. Where rust removal is important like steel industries, construction sites, engineering industries fabricating steel structures and maintenance works in industries

HOW TO USE: DR. S.BOND COAT RC is to be applied should be dry and free from dust, grease, contamination, oil and other loose particles. For this scrubbing with wire brush and water is required The surface should be bone dry before the treatment. To be brush applied or but cotton. Treated surface should not be washed.

PACKAGE: 1kg, 3kg, 5kg & 25 Kg

COVERAGE: Depending on surface of application

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