DESCRIPTION: Grout is polymer base tile joint filler used for filling joints of all kind of tiles and stones

ADVANTAGES:  Colorfast, Easy to clean, Waterresistant, Shock and impactresistant, High grout strength

APPLICATION:  Domestic and commercial establishments,laboratories, bakeries, supermarkets, showrooms, hospitals etc

HOW TO USE: • Remove mixed product from the container and place in small piles on the tile surface. • Use a hard – rubber oat with a sharp edge to force the grout into the joints in a continuous manner leaving it ush with the tile edge.• Be certain that all joints are well – compacted and air free of voids and gaps fill the joints with the maximum amount of grout possible. • Thoroughly remove excess grout from the face of the tile before the epoxy loses its plasticity or begins to set.

PACKAGE: 500 ml. , 1 ltr. &5 Ltr. Shelf Life: 12 months in sealed packing.

COVERAGE: Depends upon application.

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