DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: Two component High performance elastomeric cementitious exible sealing coat against ground and backWater based on modified acrylic polymer emulsion. Gives excellentwater proofing, Excellent UV resistance. Good adhesionwith cementitious surfaces. Flexible in naturewithstand expansion&contractions.Allows breathing.

APPLICATION: Terrace, Bathrooms, Wash Areas, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, retaining walls, basement’s Exterior and interior walls.

HOW TO USE: Pour liquid into a container Add 15%ofwater(i.e. 3 it’s for 20 kg pack) and mix slowly with slow speed drill Add powder to the above mix in small quantities to obtain smooth and uniform paste. On wet surface apply with brush or roller. Keep stirring the mixed material to avoid setting. Apply second coat after 4-6 hours For protection against physical damage, a mortar screed may be provided Dr. S. BOND REPEL SB Surface should be free from dust, wax, oil, grease, and moisture, always applyona bone dry surface. No need to add water. To be applied either by brush or spray. Eforescence should be removed using a wire brush Cracks which are slightly large should be sealed and allowed to dry before applying Dr. S. Bond Repel SB.

PACKAGE: 3,10 & 20 Kg. pack

COVERAGE: 1 to 1.5kg/m2 At 1mm thickness in two coats.

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