DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: Two component solvent free epoxy resin based bonding agent gives extended pot life. Develops high exural and tensile strengths. Easily applied as a bonding agent for old to new concrete, Mix and use. Helps in repairs and extension to structural concrete

APPLICATION: Used for bonding old concrete to new concrete.Used in external or repair structural concrete in factories, loading bays, bridges, roads, concrete structures etc. Used for vertical and horizontal surface where mortar and concrete can be supported by form work for jacketing.

HOW TO USE: Area should be free from dust, oil. Do not apply in wet condition. Mix base & hardener thoroughly until a uniform colour is obtained. Apply with brush to the prepared surface. New concrete should be placed within 3 hours after applying Dr. S. Bond Epoxy Bond when it is a still sticky

PACKAGE: 1 and 5 kg pack.

COVERAGE: 40 to 45 Sq.Ft. per kg depending on Surface.

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