DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: Single component acrylic based repairing and water proofing system. Excellent water proofing and bonding property Excellent U.V. Resistant and crack resistant

APPLICATION: Used as water proof coating. Used as admixture in repair mortar. Used as an injection into concrete used as screed

HOW TO USE: 1) In water proof 2kg cement + 1Kg of Dr.S.Bond mutlicrete. 2) As repair mortar 20Kg cement + 30Kg sand +3Kg Dr.S.Bond multicrete +2Ltr water 3) As injection 2Kg cement + 1Kg Dr.S.Bond multi crete. 4) As a screed 3kg cement + 5Kg. Sand + 1Kg of Dr.S.Bond multi crete

PACKAGE: 1, 5 & 20Kg Packs

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