DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: IRON-NETTED should be perfectly mixed with cement and later with granite chips. Thorough mixing with cement is essential for an even dispersion of IRON-NETTED powder. Ensure water contents in IRON-NETTED topping as low as possible for workability. Prepare only such quantity of IRON-NETTED mixture which could be used within 30 minutes after adding the water to mixture. Do not allow dry cement of mixture of cement and sand to be sprinkled on the IRON-NETTED topping to speed up the work or to correct inequities in the surface.

APPLICATION: Suitable for all industrial areas subjected to heaviest traffic, shops oors of heavy engg. industries, ramps, trucking lanes etc.,

HOW TO USE: To be used as a dry shake by spreading on freshly laid concrete surfaces.

PACKAGE: 25 Kg Bag

COVERAGE: Light duty 3kg/m2 medium duty 4.5kg/m2 Heavy duty 6.5kg m2

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