DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: Bonding and hardening agent based on modified plastic Emulsion Excellent Bonding to concrete, Plaster, masonary, works. Designed especially for use as a bonding agent, and gauging liquid for cementatiouns system. Increases compressive and exural strength as compared to reference mix. Reduces the permeability, hence makes mortar more water light. Can be used as a water proofing coat. Prevents leakage & dampness

APPLICATION: As a bonding agent for concrete and cement mortars. Used for improving and bonding oor topping, rendering and mortar as a polymer modified concrete. As coating for prevention of corrosion in rebars. Repairing of old & news structural repairs.

HOW TO USE: To be mixed with either dosing water or added to wet mix

PACKAGE: 1,3,5,20 and 210 kg Containers

COVERAGE: For Structural repairs 8-10 kg. per 50 kg cement, For polymer modified mortar 4-5 kg. per 50 kg cement.As a bonding agent apply directly 1:1 with cement .4-5 m2/coat for bonding coat

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