DESCRIPTION/ADVANTAGES: Silicon resin Based colour less water repellent. Penetrates deeply beneath the surface and forms a barrier in the capillary channels. Preventing Rainwater penetration and helps to keep the surface clean algae, fungus free, and dust free. Prevents dampness on the interior surface Does not affect the exterior colour clear coat, non staining Prevent eforescence, u/v stability etc. Excellent water repellent does not affect breathing properties.

APPLICATION: Exterior cement, painted surfaces, External Brick work, Concrete Blocks, terracotta, tiles, cement renderings, natural and artificial stone work.

HOW TO USE: Surface should be free from dust, wax, oil, grease, and moisture, always apply on a bone dry surface. No need to add water . To be applied either by brush or spray. Eforescence should be removed using a wire brush Cracks which are slightly large should be sealed and allowed to dry before applying Dr.S.Bond Repel SB.

PACKAGE: 1,5 20 and 210 kg Containers

COVERAGE: 8 to 10 sq mt per liter on single coat.

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